20 Nov 2019 30 FRENCH SILVER-MOUNTED VIOLIN BOW BOW. Emil Werner, the octagonal stick stamped. EMIL WERNER at the butt, the ebony frog.


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Octagonal stick of impeccable pernambuco with ivory tip face and silver wire grip. $2,000 Morgan Andersen This is a good light baroque violin bow by one of the best American makers, known primarily for modern bows. Website of The Golden Age Company : old violins, violas and cellos and bows signed by great violin makers and bow makers Bows: Violin. The same attention given to the origin, provenance, condition, tonal characteristics, workmanship and pricing of your instrument needs to be extended to your Bow – which is, after all, the other half of the music “system”. Emil Werner viola bow branded "Sartory" at Carriage House Violins. Round. Ebony and gold fittings.

Emil werner violin bow

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Vaktmästare Olof Jonsén (förste 26/12 1914), Emil Rådqvist (27/12  brorsdotter 134. störta 134. zigenare 134. timing 134.

The auction record for this maker is $1,701 in Mar 2016, for a viola bow. - 38 auction price results. View all auction prices for Emil Werner View: Violin Bow.

http://mjolbyfightgym.se/Anger--39-s-Violin.pdf http://mjolbyfightgym.se/Scm-Core-Text--Paul.pdf http://mjolbyfightgym.se/Nightmare-in-Broken-Bow--and--Day-of-judgment.pdf http://mjolbyfightgym.se/Werner-Thormann.pdf -Ei--Qui-Ad-Ciceronem-Litteras-Dederunt--Usi-Sint--Vom-Oberlehrer-Dr--Emil-Opitz.pdf  8657 Cavatina / Instrumntal / Mario Galli, violin - piano / 01.1929 / 8657 Largo Talskiva / 05.1932 / DS 760 Simulanter, del 1 / Edvard Persson - Bertil Evald - Gustaf Werner m.fl. the bow / Instrumental / Svenska Hotkvintetten / 04.1939 / DS 1150 Nu sjunga vi, DS 1249 My song of love / Barbro Åström / Emil Iwrings ork. Commerce and Markets— Bow, Williams, Sweeney, Kistler, Voelker.

JONPAUL BOWS, Violin Bow, carbon fiber bow with a pernambuco veneer, EMIL WERNER, violin bow, Germany, gold-mounted octagonal pernambuco bow  

Description Violin bow by Dorfler G. Werner. Excellent bow from the award winning workshop of Doerfler in Germany. For more than three generations Dörfler have been producing bows with superior craftsmanship and in the style of the great master, Tourte. Brasilwood cello bow branded “Bausch” Contact us for photos.

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Emil werner violin bow

Nebeling  A nickel mounted Violin Bow (6) · A nickel mounted Violin Bow \nstamped Joh S.Paulus, octagonal red brown colour, 62 grms full hair, A similar Violin/Viola Bow  Två romanser (1880) Arr: Susan Pickett f violin och piano. Hildegard. ARKVIK Helst du : tre dikter Tx: Werner Aspenström (swe) f barnkör och piano Sardinen på Triptyk : Tre dikter (1987) Tx: Bengt Emil Johnson (swe) f Mz/Bar och ork -- 2*2*2*2 Hit & bow : kammarmusik (1994) f violoncell och slagverk(1 sp). 8. SMIC.

Branded above the frog “ Emil Werner ***. Description Violin bow by Dorfler G. Werner. Excellent bow from the award winning workshop of Doerfler in Germany.
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Bausch/Knopf School, Violin Bow, c.1890-1900, Markneukirchen SKU: 29446 $ 2,500.00 2,500.00

Has a pearl-inlaid button. Violin bow - Dominique Peccatte c.1855.

Maria Werner. Vankivavägen 21. 281 49, HÄSSLEHOLM Club Dem Bow. 0736779427 Emil Konow Hoffman. 0704417571 Violin Violett. 0703133238.

Hours. Mon 10am to 6pm. ©2019 Seman Violins Emil Werner Auction Results. Brompton's reference library, in association with Claudio Amighetti, provides you with the price of a Violin Bow by Emil Werner from Christie's November 2002 auction results. You can find out the value of a Violin Bow by Emil Werner and the amount you could expect if you sold your Emil Werner Violin Bow at auction. Emil Werner, a maker from Bubenreuth, Germany, crafted this octagonal-section mid-20th century pernambuco specie bow. This is made at his highest level with sterling silver mountings, sterling silver tip, with mother-of-pearl Parisian eyes and a three-piece endscrew.

Sonat, oboe, piano se: Bach, Emil, Frühlings Erwachen Bow down.